The World University

The World University seeks to lay foundations for a transformational system of advanced education that will bring to a common focus, within the minds and hearts of an evolving universalist humanity, the idea of the world and the idea of the soul.  In pursuing this objective it is acknowledged that humankind requires a new and pioneering approach to the fulfillment of its destiny on the Earth--a vision of a perfected order of life rooted in divine principle--and that to academic learning must be added experiential understanding of the indivisibility of the universe. (Written in 1964 by Dr. H. John Zitko)  

Many things have changed following 9/11.  Most notably is the world condition and the lost vision of world unity and improvement of the human condition through global education.  The World University has adapted to this change; it's focus today is on the expansion of the human potential through education at a local and national level.

You are important to this vision.  The sharing of your knowledge, skills and abilities with others brings about changes in the human condition.  Your involvement in classes stretches your mind and gives you new perspective.  The learning community creates opportunities to improve your surroundings, expand your thinking, and impact the environment.  The World University begins with each of us...


To get involved, contact us at: 

World University     —     PO Box 370     —     Townsend, TN  37882