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Lemurian Theo-Christic Conception

 The Lemurian Theo-Christic Conception (LTCC) is a spiritual study of the human adventure.  It is a study of human potentiality and the generation, degeneration, and regeneration of the human person.  This is the beginning of a new exploration into the science of human possibility and the advent of the next great civilization on the planet.  In taking up this study, you will be preparing yourself for a more meaningful life in a new and better world which you have helped to build.

 The Author

The Lemurian Theo-Christic Conception was written by Dr. Howard John Zitko, the Lemurian Scribe.  Dr. Zitko originally released the Theo-Christic in 1936 with authorization from a group of advanced Beings known as the Lemurian Brotherhood.  This Conception was Dr. Zitko’s life work as he wrote and refined the lessons over nearly 30 years.  Dr. Howard John Zitko passed away in 2003 at the age of 92. 

 The Lessons

There are thirteen lessons to this work comprising a broad esoteric knowledge of such fascinating subjects as karmic economics, the essence of occult anatomy and the new therapeutics, Theo-Christic initiation, the science of sexual polarity and the pairing of souls, angelic participation in human evolution, the basic elements of the new education, and how the problem of human wickedness in all of its many destructive forms will be forever resolved.

 The Purpose

The aim of this instruction is to take you from the place where you are now to that place you want to be.  It will bring understanding of who you are and what your life is all about.  Without this understanding, you will not be able to reach your highest goals which are defined in terms of perfection of body, brilliance of mind, and nobility of character.  The ultimate purpose of any spiritually motivated study is the ennoblement of the individual human being through a process of transmutation known as initiation.

 The Teachings

You will learn that every event, every so-called happening, every personal experience in your life is a necessity required for the fulfillment of your soul’s desire, which is to achieve complete mastery of your life and affairs.  Every thought you think, every emotion you feel, every act you perform, and every situation you experience advances or retards your progress toward this goal.  Nothing can hold you back from achieving abundant health, financial security, loving relationships, and the serenity that comes with well-doing except what you believe is possible.  For whatever you can conceive, you can also receive.  Such is the law, and such is the reward.

Spiritual principles must be understood and practiced.  The laws of life operate because the universe operates this way.  Spiritual principles underlie all material existence and are intensely practical and effective in all areas of human concern.  The LTCC is more than a self-improvement course; it is a major thrust in preparing you for the advent of a totally new civilization on our planet and for your part as a world citizen dedicated to world service with a world consciousness.

Why was the Lemurian Theo-Christic Conception so named?  It was designed to do two things of extreme importance to the future of mankind:

1)  To trace the early history of the race from the Lemurian era of human civilization, when Divine Order reigned on the Earth, and to analyze how man acquired his present erroneous concepts of the so-called civilized life, and

2)  To consider a method of achieving some degree of moral stature, leading to a discharge of those errors, both individually and collectively.

This conception, therefore, is the study of law in its simplest definition, the study of both natural and spiritual law, two aspects of the same thing.  The Lemurian Theo-Christic Conception provides a sustained concentration upon a program of study which is designed to build an indestructible link between the soul and personality.

The Inner Authority responsible for projecting the inspiration of the LTCC is known as the Lemurian Theo-Christic School.  Its antecedents go back to the first great civilization on our planet Earth, the Lemurian or Mukulian Commonwealth.  This organized society came into existence some 76,000 years ago in an area now largely submerged in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.  In the pages of this study will be revealed the spiritual and cultural outlines of this original world order, its origin on another planet of this solar system, the basis of its claim to divine authority, the causes of its dissolution, and the manner of its restoration by former Atlanteans and Lemurians reincarnated.

But this is only part of the story.  The LTCC is concerned with the perfection of both individual and collective humanity.  You will study how the original inhabitants of the Earth achieved initiation in those early days, when native Earthians came under the benign influence and protection of Master Souls who colonized the planet from within the solar system. 

You will then learn how and why these Masters, known in the Scriptures as the Sons of God, withdrew to their home planets leaving behind advanced Intelligences who subsequently replaced this Interplanetary Hierarchy as a new Spiritual Authority.  The new Spiritual Authority is now responsible for man’s future evolution.  Subsequently, a new system of initiation was introduced whose essential features are now embodied in the life of Jesus the Christ, the classic Master of the first century who appeared as one of the Sons of God from ancient Lemuria.  His message was that of restoring the Divine Order of the prehistoric past as the Kingdom of God.

Now, perhaps for the first time, you will understand the true mission of this Galilean Master, a mission which the traditional church has missed completely in its theology.  When correctly understood, it will reveal the manner wherein the Divine Order of the ancient world will usher in a New Age for all humankind.

So much of the esoteric wisdom that has come down to us in modern times has had its origin in the Orient, notably India and Tibet.  There has been very little esoteric writing which reflects Western knowledge and the Western mentality.  The Theo-Christic Conception is strictly a Western approach to the arcane wisdom, and has been inspired by Western Adepts living in the Western World.  Therefore, unlike the Eastern teachings that stress detachment and withdrawal, the Conception emphasizes the imperative need for involvement with the world as we presently know it; thus, committing ourselves to the reorientation of the existing power structure from its current materialism to emerging new spiritual values.

Students of the Lemurian Theo-Christic Conception are now found in almost all areas of the world, serving the cause of the new civilization in whatever capacity they are competent.  They are part of that New Group of World Servers who are making possible the birth of a New Age of Light, Love and Power by which humanity will come into a knowledge of its true destiny.